Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Social Mobilization for Higher Education: Sequence Exemplar of Tezpur University Jonai Campus Movement 2013

The Outcome: Mobilizing success

The Communication: Diffusion of grievances for action
The mobilization: Women's power
The issue: Lending a voice 

Social movement mobilization have taken place across the globe on various issues. Here's an exemplar of social movement for higher education in Jonai of Dhemaji district, Assam, India articulated and participated by social organizations, educationists, students and masses. The above is bottom-up representation of mobilization of people in symmetry on the issue, reason for mobilization, communication of grievances through potential effective  channel(the above is Prof Mrinal Miri, noted Indian educationist)  and the outcome of people's mobilization. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MisingOnline were used as communication tools to diffuse information and updates.The events took place in April-May 2013.  The credit goes to fellow members of ethnic Mising community and other compassionate participating subalterns. Despite hurdles created by politicians in connivance with lackadaisical administrators to block the project, the land allotment finally took place due to mobilization.(Pictures are not my own.). One can read more details about this small scale social movement here.

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